6 Outlet Surge Protector by Belkin

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Safeguards your home electronics against harmful power fluctuations and secures your everyday power needs. Get complete protection for cell-phone chargers, laptops, radios, answering machines, and other home essentials

Features a power filtration that helps your system run at optimal performance by reducing the static and noise that can cause data loss, audio and video interference, and complete operational failure

This surge protector uses regular house current (rated 15 Amps, 125 Volts, 1875 Watts)

Has a built-in screw head slot for easy installation under shelf. cabinet, or to a wall

Electrical Rating: AC 125V, 15 Amps or 1875 Watts
Max Energy Dissipation: 630 Joules
Max Spike Current: 30,000A
UL Clamping Voltage (2 Line): UL 1449 550V
Response Time: <1 Nanosecond
EMI/RFI Filtration: 150 KHz ~ 100MHz up to 43 dB Reduction

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Manufacturer: Belkin
Protection: 630 joules
Warranty: $25,000
Outlets: 6
Adapter Spaced Outlets: No
Cord Length: 4 ft.
Phone, Fax, Modem: No
EMI/RFI: Yes (See Above)
Coax: No
Other Features: Power filtration system, Built-in screw head hole for mounting

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Manufacturer's Warranty Only

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