Sperry Instruments LAN Tracker Tone & Probe Kit

  • Model: ZC-ET4220L


Traces unenergized wires and cables

Compact storage

- Data Lines
- Coaxial Cables
- Telephone Lines
- Standard Wires

Transmitter Features:
- The transmitter is a hand-held instrument designed to generate a distinct tone in any unenergized wire or cable
- Tone can be picked up with LAN Tracker receiver
- LED acts as visual indicator to show unit is on
- Direct connection to RJ11, RJ45, coax, exposed unenergized wires

Receiver Features:
- The receiver is a hand-held inductive tracer that will aid in identification of wires without piercing the insulation
- Probe-type case designed to fit in tight, hard-to-get-at areas
- Adjustable sensitivity control
- LED intensifies when signal gets stronger

Batteries not included

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