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10 ft. S-Video Cable (Mini Din 4 Male/Male) - Ultralink

10 ft. S-Video Cable (Mini Din 4 Male/Male) - Ultralink

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Introducing the Ultralink Challenger Home Theatre Series 10' S-Video Cable. This high-quality cable features heavy-duty injection-molded S-VHS connectors and 24K gold-plated connectors for superior performance. The double-shielded construction, with aluminum foil shield coverage and copper braided shield, ensures maximum protection against interference. With nitrogen gas-injected FPE dielectric insulation, multi-stranded copper conductors, and a length of 10', this cable allows for high velocity signal transfer and maximum signal strength. Perfect for connecting your DVD player, digital camcorder, and more to your TV. The 10m model is shown.

Ultralink Challenger Home Theatre Series
10' (3m) S-Video cable

Heavy-duty injection-molded S-VHS type connectors

24K gold-plated connectors

Double-shielded construction with 100% aluminum Mylar foil shield coverage and high density 6N OFHC copper braided shield for maximum protection against EMI and RFI interference

Nitrogen gas-injected FPE dielectric insulation allows high velocity signal transfer for maximum signal strength

Multi-stranded 6N OFHC copper center conductors for maximum signal transfer, lower signal loss and greater conductivity

Connects a DVD player, digital camcorder, etc. to a T.V.


Mini Din 4M/M

10m Model Shown

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