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12 ft. S-Video Cable (Mini Din 4 Male/Male) - Acoustic Research Master Series

12 ft. S-Video Cable (Mini Din 4 Male/Male) - Acoustic Research Master Series

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Experience superior audiovisual quality with the 12' S-Video Cable from Acoustic Research Master Series. This cable seamlessly connects your DVD player, digital camcorder, or other devices to your TV for a crystal clear viewing experience. With its advanced features including IEEE technology, FNT technology, silver-coated copper conductors, Teflon dielectric, gold-plated connectors, and six layers of shielding, this cable ensures vibrant colors, reduced distortion, and maximum RFI and EMI isolation. Upgrade your home entertainment system with the Acoustic Research MS222 S-Video Cable. (3' model shown)

Connects a DVD player, digital camcorder, etc. to a T.V.


Superior resolution S-video cable carries luminance and color signals on spearate paths for vibrant, high color balance and reduction of distortion on vertical and horizontal planes

AR's exclusive FNT technology

Precisely extruded silver-coated > 99.99% pure oxygen-free copper conductors

Teflon dielectric

Precision-machined gold-plated S-video connectors

Six layers of shielding: three 100% overlapped mylar foils for maximum RFI isolation and three copper braids for maximum EMI isolation

Acoustic Research# MS222

(3' Model Shown)

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