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13.2 ft. (4m) Single Link DVI-D 400 Cable (M/M) - 4.95 Gbps - Monster

13.2 ft. (4m) Single Link DVI-D 400 Cable (M/M) - 4.95 Gbps - Monster



Experience high-quality HDTV with the 13.2 ft. (4m) Single Link DVI-D 400 Cable (M/M) from Monster. This cable guarantees maximum data bandwidth and prevents signal loss thanks to its optimized construction. With gas-injected dielectric and high density triple shielding, it provides maximum signal strength and minimal interference. Its 24K gold plated connectors ensure a secure and reliable connection for your video component to the TV.

Carries a video signal from a video component to a TV

Ordinary DVI cables feature small guage conductors promoting signal loss. Monster's guage cable construction optimizes data transfer, ensuring maximum data bandwidth and highest quality HDTV image, even over long cable runs.

Gas-injected dielectric for maximum signal strength and ultra-low loss.

High density triple shielding for maximum rejection of radio frequency and electromagnetic interference.

24K gold plated connectors

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