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3 ft. (1m) Optical Audio Cable - Ultralink XLO/VDO - Bulk

3 ft. (1m) Optical Audio Cable - Ultralink XLO/VDO - Bulk


The Ultralink XLO/VDO 3' (1m) Optical Audio Cable is perfect for connecting various electronics like DVD players, CD players, and MP3 players. This Toslink male to male cable is handcrafted and designed by XLO, a renowned brand known for producing the world's best High-End audio cables. With XLO/VDO enhanced resolution technology, these cables offer superior audio and video signal resolution, making them ideal for home theater applications. They are made using high-quality materials like Oxygen-free high conductivity (OFHC) copper and low-loss DuPont Alathon polymer insulation. Available in bulk for all your audio cable needs.

Ultralink XLO/VDO 3' (1m) Optical Audio Cable

Optical audio cables are used to connect electronics (DVD players, CD players and MP3 players, etc.)

Toslink male to male

XLO/VDO enhanced resolution cables for home entertainment are made especially for Home Theater audio/video applications by XLO, whose High-End audio cables are the best in the world

These cables are handcrafted and designed for superior resolution of even the most complex audio and video signal information, using the very finest material, the very latest technology, and XLO's own advanced cabling geometry

The conductors are drawn for XLO from Oxygen-free high conductivity (OFHC) copper, certified to be at least 99.99% pure

XLO uses special insulating material for all their cables - cores, positioners and primary jacketing are all made from low-loss DuPont Alathon polymer


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