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9 ft. RG6 Video Coaxial Cable - White

9 ft. RG6 Video Coaxial Cable - White

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Enhance your home entertainment system with our high-quality 9' RG6 Video Coaxial Cable in a sleek white design. This cable efficiently connects digital cable boxes, DSS receivers, VCRs, or any other video source to your television or video monitors, ensuring crystal-clear video transmission. Designed for satellite dishes, this cable offers superior performance even over long distances. With its 75 ohms coaxial cable and double shielding (foil & braid), you can trust in its reliability and durability for a seamless viewing experience.

Connects digital cable boxes, DSS receivers, VCRs or any video source with F-type jacks to television or video monitors with F-type jacks

Ideal for use with satellite dishes

Offers superior performance for long distances

75 ohms coaxial cable

Double Shielded - Foil & Braid

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