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Belkin Surge Protector - 7 Outlets, 8 ft. Cord, 2280 Joule Protection

Belkin Surge Protector - 7 Outlets, 8 ft. Cord, 2280 Joule Protection



Introducing the Belkin BSV701-08, a reliable surge protector with 7 outlets and an 8 ft. cord. With a whopping 2280 joules of surge protection, this device comes with a generous $75,000 connected equipment warranty. It also features RJ11 protection and splitter, a large recessed power switch, surge protection and not-grounded indicators, sliding safety covers, and oversized Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs). Additionally, it boasts technical specifications such as continuous duty electrical dissipation of 120V / 15A / 60Hz / 1875W, max energy dissipation of 2280 joules, and max spike current of 102,000A. Enjoy EMI/RFI noise filtration of up to 43dB reduction from 150kHz to 100MHz. Made by Belkin, this surge protector is perfect for any home or office setup and offers 7 outlets, including 1 adapter spaced outlet, along with an 8 ft. cord. It is equipped with phone, fax, and modem compatibility for added convenience. Say goodbye to pesky electromagnetic and radio frequency interference, as this device effectively filters them out. You'll also appreciate its wall-mountable design and cable management feature. Keep in mind, this product is covered by the manufacturer's warranty only.

The Belkin BSV701-08 is a 7 outlet surge protector featuring a 8 ft. cord

It has 2280 joules or surge protection and comes with a $75,000 connected equipment warranty

RJ11 Protection and splitter

Large recessed power switch

Surge protection indicator

Not-grounded indicator

Sliding safety covers

Oversized Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs)

Technical Specifications
Continuous Duty Electrical Dissipation: 120V / 15A / 60Hz / 1875 W
Max. Energy Dissipations: 2280 Joules
Max. Spike Current: 102,000 A
EMI/RFI Noise Filtration: 150kHz~ 100MHz up to 43dB Reduction

Manufacturer: Belkin
Protection: 2280 joules
Warranty: $75,000
Outlets: 7
Adapter Spaced Outlets: Yes (1)
Cord Length: 8 ft.
Phone, Fax, Modem: Yes
Other Features: Wall Mountable, Cable Management

Manufacturer's Warranty Only

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