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Blow Off Electronic Cleaning Wipes - Removes Dust & Dirt

Blow Off Electronic Cleaning Wipes - Removes Dust & Dirt



Experience the ultimate clean with Blow Off Electronic Cleaning Wipes. Our oil-free, non-abrasive formula effortlessly removes dust and dirt from all your electronic equipment. With quick drying and anti-static properties, these wipes are perfect for a wide range of devices, from computers and smartphones to printers and cameras. Keep your electronics in pristine condition with Blow Off.

low Off 40 Pack Screen Cleaning Wipes

Blow Off WPB44-2644 Electronic Cleaning Wipe

44-Count Resealable Bag

Blow Off Electronic Cleaning Wipes are the quick and easy way to safely clean electronic equipment. Non-abrasive oil and wax-free formula effectively eliminates static charges and repels harmful dust. Recommended for computers notebooks keyboards printers telephones television VCR cameras cellular phones smart phones camcorders CD and DVD players audio equipment tape drives radios video games fax machines stereos copiers mailing machines shredders scanners clocks fans guns lab equipment cash registers copiers musical instruments sewing machines embroidery machines burglar alarms and smoke detectors.

- Oil-free
- Non-abrasive
- Anti-static
- Wax-free
- Quick Drying

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