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Cantilever Rack Shelf - 16 inch, 2U

Cantilever Rack Shelf - 16 inch, 2U

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Introducing our Cantilever Rack Shelf - a sleek and sturdy solution for your storage needs! Designed to fit perfectly into a standard 19" relay rack, this single-sided shelf can effortlessly hold equipment weighing up to 30 lbs. Crafted from high-quality black powder-coated cold rolled steel, it measures 3.5" in height, 19" in width, and 16" in depth. While primarily used for relay racks, it's versatile enough to complement any cabinet setup as well.

This single sided relay rack shelf fits into a standard 19" relay rack and can hold equipment up to 30 lbs

3.5" x 19" x 16" (H,W,D)

Height: 2U (3.5")

Material: Black powder-coated cold rolled steel

Used primarily for relay racks, but can also be used with cabinets

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