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CR2032 3.0V Coin Cell Battery 20mm x 3.2mm

CR2032 3.0V Coin Cell Battery 20mm x 3.2mm


Introducing the remarkable CR2032 3.0V Coin Cell Battery, a mini powerhouse that will never let you down. This lithium coin cell, measuring 20mm x 3.2mm, is the perfect energy companion for your devices.

Designed to fit snugly in micro-sized applications, this battery delivers an impressive performance in a compact package. With its sturdy construction and reliable voltage of 3.0V, you can trust this coin cell to power your devices efficiently.

Whether you need a replacement for your watch, camera, or other small electronics, this CR2032 battery ensures smooth and uninterrupted functionality. Rest assured that you won't be left hanging in the middle of a task or missing out on capturing memorable moments due to low battery power.

Each purchase includes a single CR2032 battery, allowing you to replace the exhausted one effortlessly. However, if you require a full strip of batteries, we recommend ordering 5 pieces to keep you powered up for longer.

Please note that the product image serves as a visual representation and the actual product may slightly vary. Trust in the CR2032 3.0V Coin Cell Battery to meet your energy needs and keep your devices running seamlessly.

CR2032 3.0V lithium coin cell

20mm x 3.2mm

Micro lithium cell

Sold individually (one battery) - please order 5 pcs if you want a full strip

(product may not be exactly as shown)

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