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HDMI and 3 RCA Wallplate (Red/Blue/Green) - PyleHome

HDMI and 3 RCA Wallplate (Red/Blue/Green) - PyleHome



Enhance your home theater experience with our HDMI and 3 RCA Wallplate. Designed to support up to 1080p resolution, it ensures a high-quality display. This wallplate also enables seamless audio transmission between HDMI compliant devices, making it perfect for DVD Players, Digital TVs, and PVRs. Plus, we've included the screws for easy installation.

HDMI and 3 RCA Wallplate (Red/Blue/Green)

Supports high resolution display up to 1080p

Delivers high-bandwidth and multi-channel digital audio between HDMI compliant devices such as DVD Players, Digital TVs, PVRs, etc.

Screws included

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