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Network Cable Tester for RJ45/RJ11 cables

Network Cable Tester for RJ45/RJ11 cables

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Ensure the reliability of your network cables with our Network Cable Tester, compatible with both RJ45 and RJ11 cables. This versatile tester is equipped to identify good connections, opens, and shorts, for straight or crossover cables. With the ability to test each individual pin and a choice between slow or fast display speeds, this small and compact device guarantees quality performance. Powered by a 9V Alkaline battery, it offers 15 hours of continuous use and can test cables up to a maximum length of 1650 ft. Your purchase is backed by a generous 6-month warranty for added peace of mind.

Tests RJ45 cables

Can test RJ11 cables with an adapter (not included)

Indentifies good connections, opens and shorts

Straight or crossover cables

Tests each individual pin - maps the cable

Choice of slow or fast display speeds

Powered - 9V Alkaline (15 hours of continuous use)

Maximum test length: 1650 ft.

Small compact design

6 Month Warranty

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