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Sperry Instruments LAN Tracker Tone & Probe Kit

Sperry Instruments LAN Tracker Tone & Probe Kit

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Easily trace unenergized wires and cables with the Sperry Instruments LAN Tracker Tone & Probe Kit. This compact kit offers efficient storage and comes with a transmitter that generates a distinct tone in any unenergized wire or cable, which can be picked up by the included receiver. With its direct connection to various types of lines and wires, this kit is perfect for tracing data lines, coaxial cables, telephone lines, and standard wires. The receiver, designed to fit in tight areas, features an adjustable sensitivity control and LED that intensifies as the signal gets stronger. Please note that batteries are not included.

Traces unenergized wires and cables

Compact storage

- Data Lines
- Coaxial Cables
- Telephone Lines
- Standard Wires

Transmitter Features:
- The transmitter is a hand-held instrument designed to generate a distinct tone in any unenergized wire or cable
- Tone can be picked up with LAN Tracker receiver
- LED acts as visual indicator to show unit is on
- Direct connection to RJ11, RJ45, coax, exposed unenergized wires

Receiver Features:
- The receiver is a hand-held inductive tracer that will aid in identification of wires without piercing the insulation
- Probe-type case designed to fit in tight, hard-to-get-at areas
- Adjustable sensitivity control
- LED intensifies when signal gets stronger

Batteries not included

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