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TechCraft 21 Piece Computer Tool Kit

TechCraft 21 Piece Computer Tool Kit

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Complete your computer setup with the TechCraft 21 Piece Computer Tool Kit. This comprehensive kit includes 20 different tools, including a soldering iron, to cater to all your computer maintenance needs. Encased in a sleek black vinyl zipper case, this kit is easy to transport and keep organized. From chip insertion to screw driving, this versatile toolkit has got you covered.

Computer tool kit includes 20 individual tools (including a soldering iron)

Computer tool kit comes with a black vinyl zipper case and the following tools:

Chip inserter
Chip extractor with securers/bows 3-prong part retriever
Standard tweezers
Self hold tweezers
Needle nose pliers
6" adjustable wrench
Wire-stripper/crimper tool
CSA soldering iron and solder
#2 Phillips / 1/4" flat dual bit
T-15/T-20 dual bit
2 screwdrivers for dual bits
3/16" slotted screwdriver
#0 Phillips screwdriver
#1 Phillips screwdriver
1/8" flat screwdriver
1/4" nutdriver
3/16" nutdriver

Extra parts tube

All tool metals are demagnetized

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