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TechCraft 3' Ultra Thin Shielded CAT8 (40 GIG) FTP Network Cable w/ Metal Connectors - White

TechCraft 3' Ultra Thin Shielded CAT8 (40 GIG) FTP Network Cable w/ Metal Connectors - White



Introducing the TechCraft 3' Ultra Thin Shielded CAT8 (40 GIG) FTP Network Cable with Metal Connectors in White. With transmission speeds of up to 40 Gbit/s, this high-speed Cat8 LAN network cable is perfect for your networking needs. It features 30 AWG pure copper conductors and a PVC jacket for durability. The cable is also equipped with F/FTP overall foil and individually foil shielded pairs for optimal performance. With a bandwidth of 2000MHz and a sleek OD of 4.5mm, this cable is designed to meet your high-speed data needs. It is approved by RoHS and comes with a 50u" gold plated RJ45 connector. The cable type is Cat8 F/FTP with an RJ45 connector type, and it follows the T568B wiring scheme. It has a temperature rating of -20C to +75C and a voltage rating of 30V. The conductor is made of 30AWG stranded bare copper with FOPE insulation and a diameter of 0.75+-0.05mm. The connector type is a shielded 8P8C RJ45 male with a PC material and contact material of copper alloy with 50um gold plating. The connector shield has shielded nickel plating, and the hood material is PVC molded boot. The overall cable features a PVC jacket with a minimum average thickness of 0.65mm and an outer diameter of 4.5+-0.15mm. In terms of electrical characteristics, the conductor has a DC resistance of 38.5Ohm/100m (Maximum), impedance of 100Ohm, capacitance of 5600pf/100m, propagation delay of 545ns/100m (Maximum), delay skew of 45ns/100m (Maximum), and has passed FLUKE DSX 8000 Channel Test with 100% success. This cable is marked as 25/40GBase-T Category 8 F/FTP Patch Cable 30AWG 4Pairs ANSI/TIA-568.2-D.

TechCraft CAT8 Shielded network cables transmit at up to 40 Gbit/s

Ultra Thin High Speed Cat8 LAN Network RJ45 Cable

30 AWG Pure Copper Conductors

PVC Jacket

Max data rate: Up to 40Gbps

F/FTP Overall Foil and Individually Foil Shielded Pairs

- Bandwidth: 2000MHz
- OD: 4.5mm
- Conductor: 30AWG (7/0.10), Stranded Bare Copper
- Approvals: RoHS
- Connector: 50u" Gold Plated RJ45 Connector

Physical Characteristics:
- Cable Type: Cat8 F/FTP
- Connector Type: RJ45
- Wiring Scheme: T568B
- Temperature Rating: -20C - +75C
- Voltage Rating: 30V

Conductor (4 Twisted Pair):
- Conductor Type: 30AWG (7/0.10), Stranded Bare Copper
- Insulation: FOPE
- Diameter: 0.75+-0.05mm

Connector Type:
- Connector Type: Shielded 8P8C RJ45 Male
- Connector Material: PC
- Contact Material: Copper Alloy with 50um Gold Plating
- Connector Shield: Shielded Nickel Plating
- Hood Material: PVC Molded Boot

Overall Cable:
- Jacket: PVC
- Minimum Average Thickness: 0.65mm
- Outer Diameter: 4.5 +- 0.15mm

Electrical Characteristics:
- Conductor DC Resistance: 38.5Ohm/100m (Maximum)
- Impedance: 100Ohm
- Capacitance: 5600pf/100m
- Propagation Delay: 545ns/100m (Maximum)
- Delay Skew: 45ns/100m (Maximum)
- Pass FLUKE DSX 8000 Channel Test (100% Test)

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