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USB 3.1 Type C to HDMI Adapter - 4K@60Hz

USB 3.1 Type C to HDMI Adapter - 4K@60Hz


Turn your USB Type C port into an HDMI output with our USB 3.1 Type C to HDMI Adapter. Experience high-resolution video with support for 4K@60Hz and HDR. Enjoy fast data transfer rates of up to 10GBps, along with audio and video support, all in a reversible USB Type C design. No external power adapter needed with this USB-powered adapter. Easy installation for a hassle-free experience.

USB 3.1 Type C USB to HDMI Adapter turns an available USB C port into an HDMI output

Reversible USB Type C
Until now, the various types of USB Type A and B have had an asymmetrical design, which means that there is a top and a bottom, which has made plugging in an USB cable by feel a little bit frustrating to some users. Also, the old USB standards are relatively slow and carry very little charging power. USB 3.1 standard introduces the new symmetrical/reversible Type C connector

Supports 4K@60Hz and high resolution 1920x1080 (1080p) video support

Supports HDR

In addition to the new connector, the USB 3.1 standard increases the data transfer rate to 10GBps, which is fast enough to carry full HD video and multichannel, uncompressed audio

Quick, easy installation

USB-powered - No external power adapter required

Supports audio and video

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