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12 ft. RCA Powered Subwoofer Cable (M/M) - Acoustic Research

12 ft. RCA Powered Subwoofer Cable (M/M) - Acoustic Research

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Introducing the 12' RCA Powered Subwoofer Cable from Acoustic Research. This high-quality cable, with RCA-Type connection, is perfect for subwoofer applications, allowing you to connect your DVDs, DTS, and other home theatre components. With its heavy-duty injection-molded RCA connectors featuring 24K gold-plating, double-shielded construction, and multi-stranded 6N OFHC copper center conductors, this cable ensures maximum signal transfer, minimal signal loss, and superior conductivity for an immersive audio experience.

RCA-Type connection for subwoofer applications

Connect DVDs, DTS and other home theatre components requiring coaxial cables to subwoofers

75 Ohm Impedance

Heavy-duty injection-molded RCA connectors featuring 24K gold-plating on all contact surfaces

Double-shielded construction with 100% aluminum Mylar foil shield and high density 6N OFHC copper braided shield for maximum protection against EMI and RFI interference

Nitrogen gas-injected FPE dielectric insulation allows high velocity signal transfers for maximum signal strength

Multi-stranded 6N OFHC copper center conductors for maximum signal transfer, lower signal loss and greater conductivity

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